A couple weekends back my step-dad came to Kansas City.  The main reason we had him come out the weekend of the 15th is because that was the last weekend of the Richard Petty Driving Experience at the Kansas Speedway, and he was to drive on Sunday the 17th (he didn’t know). 😎  The family decided to get the experience for him for his birthday, but his birthday isn’t until November, so the last thing he was expecting when he got here was a “birthday surprise!” 😉

The plan was for me to tell him the morning of the experience, but I just couldn’t wait that long considering we pass the race track on the way home from the airport.  Since it was later in the morning when he arrived,  we were both hungry.  I took him to Granite City for brunch since we don’t have those in Ohio (where I’m originally from).  Of course it was right across from the racetrack so he could see it while we where eating…which I thought was a nice touch for when I told him.  Long story short…I told him and he was SUPER excited!!!! 😀

Unfortunately my Canon Rebel is being repaired right now due to unknown causes (this was going to be my first change to use it on something other than my pets and flowers) :|.  I did have my point and shoot though, which I gotta say is a great lil camera, plus I can take video with it.

Photo #1: This was my first attempt at layering in PSE.  It took me awhile to get it, but I think it turned out pretty good!

Bruce right before the Ride-along!!!

Photo #2

All Suited up!!


Photo #3

Coming back in after the ride-along.

Photo #4

Bruce taking lap all by himself...he was so nervous about messing up...haha. 🙂

Photo #5


Bring it!

If you knew me, you would know that I am always looking for a new project to do.  I tend to have 5 things going at once that I never end up finishing.  So why start a new one?  Well, it’s just what I do…HA.  However, I have a really good feeling about this one! 😉

While Stumbling on the internet I came across a great photo blog.   In this blog I found a 52 week (1 year) photo challenge.  Basically every week you take a photo of a given subject…ex:  chair, nature…and the point I think is to get you to look at those everyday objects in a whole new way. To think outside the box….I have been feeling a little trapped in lately, so this is just what I need.    In the past I have tried the 365 day challenge.  The idea seemed easy at first, but with my busy schedule it just wasn’t practical to take photos everyday.  One photo a week, that I think I can handle.  We shall see.

I was going to make my own list, but this list from Shutterboo is a pretty good one:

  1. Chair
  2. Cocktail
  3. Window
  4. Color: Red
  5. Medicine
  6. Books
  7. Map
  8. Speed
  9. Color: White
  10. Time
  11. Candy
  12. Zipper
  13. Water
  14. Color: Green
  15. Fork
  16. Cold
  17. Road
  18. Feet
  19. Color: Brown
  20. Fire
  21. Toilet
  22. Eyes
  23. Lingerie
  24. Color: Yellow
  25. Cards
  26. Up
  27. Puzzle
  28. Suitcase
  29. Color: Blue
  30. Door knob
  31. Reflection
  32. Shoe
  33. Smell
  34. Color: Orange
  35. Smile
  36. Change
  37. Hands
  38. Music
  39. Color: Black
  40. Skyline
  41. Hot
  42. Bridge
  43. Button
  44. Color: Purple
  45. Hat
  46. Down
  47. Fruit
  48. Grass
  49. Color: Pink
  50. Bicycle.
  51. Pencil
  52. Mail

So I think I am going to post my photos on Sunday, mainly because it’s my only day off and it will give me something to do while the Mr. is watching football.

So please stay posted and feel free to join in! I would love to see how you interpret the subjects =).

Cat Boy!


Double Rainbow

This was outside my front door today. I uped the contrast so you could see the second rainbow better.


"Forget about airport security. See you later Suckers! I'm takin' myself a Hot Air Balloon Ride!!!"

More to come on my Flickr


These are the flowers I got for my sister for her graduation from Kent State!! Congrats Mal!!!

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